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Healthcare executive Angela Single joins Novari Health

By Novari Health 

Novari Health is pleased to announce that Angela Single has joined Novari as Director, UK Business Development.

Angela is a seasoned executive in the field of digital health. Her prior roles include serving as a non-executive director and digital advisor at Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust. She has held senior global positions at BT Health and Bridgehead Software, where she served as the senior director for business development and EMEA partnerships. At a national level, she led collaborative efforts between the industry and technology-enabled care, demonstrating her commitment to advancing healthcare through technology. Angela is deeply passionate about the transformative potential of technology to improve patient outcomes and enhance the working lives of clinicians.

Angela’s clinical background is in acute oncology as a qualified community nurse. She previously held the positions of general manager for all acute services at Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust (now North West Anglia Foundation Trust) and deputy chief nurse at North Middlesex University NHS Trust.

In her new role as Director, UK Business Development, Angela is responsible for forging strategic partnerships with Integrated Care Boards, Integrated Care Systems, acute trusts, and clinical networks to showcase how Novari Health solutions can deliver tangible benefits to the NHS. Angela’s wealth of experience and dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare positions her as a key driver of Novari Health solutions’ mission to positively impact the NHS and help improve patient access to care.

“I am very excited to have joined a dynamic and fast-growing team with Novari Health. Novari’s solutions have already demonstrated how they can increase access to care, strengthen navigation of healthcare systems, improve waiting times, and reduce backlogs in other national healthcare systems. We are delighted to be bringing these innovative solutions to the UK,” said Angela. “Novari’s dedication to enhancing the patient experience and ensuring equitable and timely access to care is at the core to everything we do.”

John Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of Novari Health UK Ltd., commented “Angela’s clinical, administrative, and digital health experience make her an invaluable addition to the Novari global team, and we are thrilled to welcome her as our director of UK business development. Angela’s leadership will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in forging essential partnerships and demonstrating how Novari Health solutions can bring lasting benefits to the NHS. We look forward to achieving new milestones together as we continue our mission to improve patient access to care and the efficiency of the NHS.”

The Novari access to care software platform helps improve patient access to care, waiting times, and drives efficiencies for a wide variety of health care services. From its beginnings in Canada in 2003, Novari Health has focused exclusively on helping publicly funded healthcare systems to improve access to care. Our software platform specialises in referral management, customised referral workflows, central intake (hub) models, and waiting list management. These solutions are used for a variety of clinical services including surgery, medical imaging, endoscopy, cardiac, pediatrics, mental health & addictions, diabetes, etc. Our solutions have been deployed across Canada and Australia to help streamline processes, optimise patient flow, and ensure timely treatment for patients across various specialties.

Novari’s technologies are designed to complement and integrate with a host of other clinical and administrative IT systems, including EPRs (e.g., Meditech, Epic, Oracle/Cerner, etc.), PAS, EMPIs, PACS, eReferral, registries, patient engagement systems, and many others. Recognising the importance of integration, we use a mix of integration technologies including FHIR, HL7, DICOM, APIs, etc.

The Novari team is comprised of a diverse range of professionals, including clinicians, software architects, database administrators, informatics professionals, cloud experts, past hospital administrators, certified project managers, privacy subject matter experts, AI experts, change management specialists, skilled software developers, testers, analysts, and system integration experts. This collective expertise allows us to design, build, and implement robust solutions that improve access to care and enhance healthcare efficiency. Angela is a wonderful addition to the Novari family and we are confident that her presence will support our mission of positively impacting patient care.