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South Tees agrees eight-year extension for EPR and ePMA contract

South Tees Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has signed an eight-year contract extension with Alcidion for the provision of the trust’s EPR, taking the contract agreement – initially set to expire in 2025 – up to 2033.

The trust has been utilising Alcidion’s Miya Precision EPR, which includes the OPENeP ePMA module from Better. To date, the solutions have been used to digitise patient care processes and records, whilst enabling the integration of clinical data with patient data using the FIHR standard, enabling the trust to “expedite and improve clinical decision making”, as well as supporting electronic observations, digital patient assessments, care planning and medication processes.

The new contract extension will allow for additional modules to be implemented, including the Patient Administration System and Virtual Care modules. These will build on the Miya Flow, Miya Noting and Miya Observations modules which have already been in use at the trust.

Kate Quirke, managing director of the Alcidion Group, commented: “This extension confirms the value Miya Precision has been able to unlock for South Tees in harnessing the power of their own data. South Tees committed to the rollout of Miya Precision during the pandemic and have successfully rolled out the modules to complete an EPR that provides operational insights and provides their clinicians with digital tools that support them by providing them better information to underpin their decision making. The data insights and success metrics we have received to date are extremely positive and reinforce our purpose of giving clinicians time to care for patients.”

In EPR news in September, we reached out to peers and industry experts to hear their views on their own electronic patient record implementation journeys, key learnings and advice. Earlier in the year, we spoke with industry leaders to discuss EPR business cases and key learnings to consider.

News from elsewhere, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is to go live with its electronic patient record, encompass, on 6 June 2024, as part of plans to provide every person in Northern Ireland with their own health and social care record.

Also, from Northamptonshire, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust has announced the selection of its preferred electronic patient record supplier, to “create exciting new opportunities to transform healthcare services at NGH and propel the trust’s digital capabilities to HIMSS level 5 and beyond.”