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Sciensus acquires patient app and physician support platform Vinehealth

Pharma services business Sciensus has acquired Vinehealth, a cancer-focused health tech business offering a patient app and physician support platform, in a move designed to expand Sciensus’s digital and patient support offering.

Vinehealth was founded by former NHS physician Rayna Patel and data scientist Georgina Kirby, with the website sharing that the app was created to “empower people with cancer to achieve their best possible quality of life”. It enables symptom tracking and understanding, medication management, and communication with medical teams. With patient consent, the platform aims to provide the data “needed to represent the voice of patients in healthcare delivery and drug development.”

Rayna adds that Vinehealth aims to “enable clinicians and researchers to truly understand how patients are responding to treatment in order to transform the delivery of cancer services.”

Making the announcement, Sciensus states: “The addition of Vinehealth will further engage and empower patients, whilst providing greater visibility of their treatment plans and care. This will lead to more personal clinical care, and ultimately, better health outcomes for patients.

“The acquisition complements our ongoing investment in market-leading digital insight tools that together deliver a great opportunity for all.”

Speaking on Sciensus’ plans for the future, CEO Darryn Gibson comments: “We plan to take the combined digital solution, along with our people, and wrap this into a service that we believe will be hugely compelling and truly engage patients in their treatment.”

We previously covered the news that Vinehealth and Cancer Research UK formed a partnership to support people living with cancer, with the aim of supporting patients to manage, track and understand their care.

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