NHS Supply Chain launches Medical Technology Dynamic Purchasing System to “accelerate new innovation products into the NHS”

NHS Supply Chain has announced the launch of its new Medical Technology Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for innovative products, intended to support public sector organisations in accessing goods and services from SMEs who may face barriers when tendering to supply NHS trusts.

The open market solution aims to streamline the purchasing process by removing the need for suppliers to provide financial evaluations upon initial entry to the DPS process; instead, this can happen at a later stage. Matthew Griffin, head of sourcing and indirect at NHS Supply Chain, comments that the DPS “will enable a compliant, efficient and assured process for innovative medical technology products.”

He adds: “Using our scale the DPS will reduce the burden on suppliers and accelerate new innovation products into the NHS to offer new ways of delivering care, improved patient outcomes and cost savings.”

Categories covered under the new system include ophthalmology, cardiology, endoscopy, minimally invasive surgery, and radiology.

Last month we shared the contract notice for the DPS, which is proposed to run from January 2024 to January 2031. The framework has an estimated value of £500 million.

Also on innovation, Bupa Ventures has announced the launch of its new Bupa Ventures Fund, with a total of $20 million in funding available for start-ups focusing on innovative models of healthcare across a variety of areas and early focuses including predictive and preventative healthcare, genomics, home care, and remote monitoring.

Elsewhere, two of the suppliers on the Tech Innovation Framework are “on target to go live” within general practice according to a blog shared by NHS England, and as such deliver on the framework’s vision to supply internet-first, cloud-hosted and user-centred products to support flexibility and agility, as well as increasing inoperability through use of direct care APIs.

Yesterday we also shared the news that NHSE has made around £1 million in funding available through the Wireless Trials programme, with Manchester University, Sussex Community, Princess Alexandra and more among the seven trusts receiving a share of the funding.