Digital Health and Care Wales seeks to procure £1.4 million medicines information solution and drugs tool

Digital Health and Care Wales has opened an opportunity stating its intention to procure a medicines information solution and drugs tool, at an estimated value of more than £1.4 million. The procured solution will be a single application interface, aiming to be easily accessible to staff, which will help bring users up-to-date information and assessments on drugs and medicines.

The procurement aims to deliver a solution that provides “unbiased information on drugs and medicines, providing users with an overview of the drug/medicine and provide access to evaluations of the drug/medicine”.

In terms of technical requirements, the solution will need to be accessible to all staff across NHS Wales, either through links from the NHS Wales e-Library website and Open Athens authentication, or via NHS Wales clinical systems such as the Welsh Clinical Portal.

The contract is set to run for three years, with a proposed start date of September 2024, and with options to extend for up to two further years in annual increments. The deadline for tender applications is 15 March 2024.

To read the contract notice in full, please click here.

In other procurement news, NHS England has awarded an interim contract with an estimated value of £1,990,000 to SiteKit Applications for technical services to support development of the Digital Staff Passport, with the appointment aiming to bring on board a “capable and competent supplier” to support with project management, technical application development, development operations, testing and more.

Elsewhere, the borough council of Calderdale has awarded a contract with an estimated value of £130,560 across a 10-year period to Gemstone IT Services, for the provision of an integrated virtual health and wellbeing offer for families.