Plans for increased digitalisation highlighted in South East London ICS estates and infrastructure strategy

For our latest strategy focus, we’re taking a look at the estates and infrastructure strategy from South East London ICS, with digital noted to play a role in two key estate objectives – working towards net zero estate by 2040, and making smart use of estate through utilisation of technology.

Around the first objective, the ICS shares plans to implement green plans and update infrastructure as part of efforts to transition to “new low emission smart facilities”, highlighting a need to “increase data digitalisation” as well as optimising energy use and efficiency. In this area, the ICS pledges to adopt system-wide priorities around updating infrastructure along and increasing data use.

On making smart use of the estate, the strategy shares an ambition take advantage of digital tech and new ways of delivering care to achieve “a digitally mature ICS, supported by appropriate digital infrastructure”. Here, South East London commits to using “innovative ways to digitise across the lifecycle of infrastructure assets” in order to deliver better capacity.

Looking at where the ICS wants to be, the strategy shares a number of aims around digital transformation, stating that digital development is a “pivotal enabler in our ambition to deliver better and smarter health and care infrastructure”.

One such aim is that infrastructure around the ICS’s healthcare services should “provide a person-centred estate that serves the needs of all its users”; the estate needs to the the “right size and configuration to enable delivery of transformational models of care, enabled by technology.”

Another aim is to concentrate specialised care around existing “heavily engineered facilities” and focus on delivery of lower acuity care through a “more distributed, less engineered and digital model”. As part of this, the ICS notes the need to support digitally-enabled working and virtual expansion.

Click here to read the strategy in full.

In other news from London, we reported that North London Mental Health Partnership is to move to a single electronic patient record system, with a “comprehensive data migration of clinical data and consultation records from EMIS onto RIO [to] take place in May 2024.”

From South East London ICS, we shared that 22 trusts within the footprint will receive a share of funding for devices designed to automate red blood cell exchanges for patients with sickle cell disease.