Patient portal goes live across pilot specialties at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

A pilot of the MyCare in Warwickshire patient portal has gone live at George Eliot Hospital (GEH) NHS Trust across oral surgery and ear, throat and nose medical specialties, with the trust sharing that the portal is to be rolled out across all outpatient specialties throughout 2024.

Once they have registered for the service, patients will be able to log on using a secure username and password to view appointments and make changes, with future functionality to include viewing test results, consultant letters and prescriptions as well as advice and guidance; completing surveys and pre-admission assessments; and sharing records with nominated individuals such as carers or family members.

GEH has shared a resource on its website to support patients in using the portal, running through frequently asked questions, information on security, and more.

Additionally, to assist patients in registering for the portal, the trust has shared video content in which staff talk patients through the process.

The trust states: “People today live in an increasingly digital world. Technology has come to influence almost all aspects of modern life; and unsurprisingly, how patients now expect to interact with healthcare professionals has also changed.

“Your local NHS in North Warwickshire is eager to provide patients with a digital service, using the modern technology that people have come to expect. The new MyCare in Warwickshire Patient Portal is a significant step in fulfilling this expectation.”

In February, HTN reported on GEH’s plans for the patient portal here.

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