University Hospitals of Derby and Burton holds ‘Paper2Pixels’ events to streamline digitisation of paper records

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust has highlighted ‘Paper2Pixels’ events which saw staff across the trust helping to identify and streamline more than 1,000 paper-based patient records and forms for the process of digitising, ahead of the trust’s transition to a new EPR.

Led by the clinical digital team, the events were reportedly attended by 550 members of staff from more than 200 departments, with paper forms handed in for identification and logging; the paper is now “being worked through to help create more efficient, safer patient records”.

Stacey Hatton, chief nursing information officer, said that she was “so proud of our team for all of the incredible digital initiatives we are working on to improve patient safety and make our colleague’s working lives easier” and added: “The Paper2Pixels events stand out as a shining example of our team’s capability to drive innovation and efficiency. These initiatives have made lasting impressions and people are still talking about them even months later, which shows how impactful, inspiring, and successful they were. We all left them feeling elated and positive about the future and digital developments, so I am delighted others still feel the same way.”

The trust notes how the clinical digital team’s work is helping with the preparation for the transition to Nervecentre, a move which will align patient records with neighbouring trusts such as Chesterfield Royal Hospital, and in developing and rolling out maternity EPR BadgerNet.

Stephen Posey, chief executive, commented that the work to digitise paper records “is no small task, and the sheer number of forms the team has worked through and their ongoing work to streamline processes is paving the way for a smooth transition to our new EPR; all of which will make a huge difference to the working lives of our colleagues and to the care we are able to offer to our patients. On behalf of myself, the Board, and everyone across the organisation, thank you for everything you are doing.”

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