Moray health data pilot project focuses on citizen data ownership and a proactive approach to early intervention

In Moray, North East Scotland, a new health data pilot project led by the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre’s (DHI) Rural Centre of Excellence, is focusing on citizen data ownership and a proactive approach to early intervention, working with industry partners to develop digital tools to enable citizens to own, share and receive health and care data via a secure Personal Data Store.

By utilising the approach to data, the DHI hopes to help provide citizens with the ability to contribute to their data, which they can choose to share; provide suggestions of services, information or tools to enable self-management; support personalised support; and provide analysis of holistic data to gain insights and alert to patterns of changing medical, functional and mental health based on the individuals digitally established baseline and personalised protocols.

Tom Morton, founder and CEO of Archangel the technology supporting the project, commented: “It’s all about combining data silos, integrating data and using it holistically to predict imminent health and social care issues, such as falls, or environmental impacts, such property mould etc, and respond in an appropriate and preventive way.

“Existing sets of data within digital health are, more often than not, siloed and rarely combined to provide the bigger picture as to an individual’s health and wellbeing.”

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In related news, the Scottish Government recently published Scotland’s Genomic Medicine Strategy 2024-2029, highlighting plans to develop a genomic medicine service “based on the principles of person-centred care” and better enabling the use of genomic information to support disease prevention and early detection, along with the need for national digital infrastructure.

Also, NHS National Services Scotland has contracted OneAdvanced Health and Care’s cloud-based software to service as an enhanced document workflow solution across all GP practices in Scotland. The platform, which will replace the company’s previous version used by over 950 general practices, will support organisations in processing, sharing and storing electronic documents.