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8th November

9th November

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Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust Digital Transformation – The importance of clinical leadership

9:00AM – 8 November 

Liverpool Women’s Hospital are undertaking a significant digital transformation programme, introducing MEDITECH Expanse EPR replacing a number of legacy systems and processes. Clinical Leadership is at the heart of our programme and during this session we will share our journey and explore What Good Looks Like in this regard.

Getting patients the right care, in the right place at the right time. The NHS e-Referral Service and its role in elective care recovery

10:00AM – 8 November 

Join NHSX and NHS Digital to hear about how the NHS e-Referral Service is helping elective care recovery and the central role it will play in improving booking, referral and appointment management in years to come.

Martin O Neil, Programme Director, NHSX and Sue Allan, Programme Manager, e-RS, NHS Digital

Digital health systems adoption – Why training without change management is not enough

11:00AM – 8 November 

These days it goes without saying that where there is a digital health project there is training. Whether virtual, e-learning or in person, it is widely understood that training is key to a successful go-live. However, with the challenge of training large volumes and ensuring knowledge is retained, many digital health projects are struggling to achieve real adoption with simple training. The truth is that these days training on its own does not suffice – to deliver results an adoption programme should be change led, with training as one of many tools available.

Gaelle Fertil, Change Practice Director, Ideal Health and Martin Smith, Change & Operational Readiness Lead, Ideal Health 

Your Roster Your Way – From Workforce Planning to Workforce Intelligence

1:00PM – 8 November 

Custom Rostering System (CRS) is the best-in-class online health roster, developed using cutting edge technology and specifically designed to meet the challenging needs of the UK health sector by augmenting workforce planning and development practices.  CRS was developed as a tool for culture change, designed to transform workforce planning roles from data entry to data intelligence. In this webinar the Skills for Health rostering experts will take you through the new, fully customisable eRostering system, empowering you to make informed data-driven decisions on staffing levels in all clinical and non-clinical healthcare settings.

Ben Marchini, Product Manager, Skills for Health and Zach Kerray, Technical Account Manager, Skills for Health

How The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust is benefiting from a new app in its Emergency Department

3:00PM – 8 November

Dr Ashish Singal, Consultant Emergency Department, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Co-designing & Co-creating Modular Care Record

9:00AM – 9 November  

Dr. Saroj Patel, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Trust

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales 

11:00AM – 9 November 

Digital Health Ecosystem Wales – Find out how the Digital Health Ecosystem Wales brings together Industry, Clinicians, Policy Makers, Academics, Innovators and Funders to create an environment of Digital Innovation in Welsh Healthcare.

Delyth James, Programme Lead, Digital Health Ecosystem Wales 

Hampshire Hospitals NHS FT

1:00PM – 9 November 

The digital journey for clinicians at Hampshire Hospitals NHS FT: introducing a new Digital ITU, a new ICS wide digital maternity system & Virtual Wards

Tamara Everington, Consultant Haematologist & CCIO. James Coakes, Consultant Intensivist. George Goumalatsos, Consultant Obstetrician. John Duffy, Consultant Physician. Naomi Ratcliffe, Associate Director for Clinical Integration

Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health – Growth Charts API

3:00PM – 9 November 

From print to digital for better child health

To support the drive to digitise healthcare, the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health has developed a Growth Charts API to accurately calculate centiles for a child’s height, weight, head circumference and BMI for digital growth assessments. 

Child growth assessment is important, whether detecting serious illness or helping to manage the obesity crisis, and it involves complex data and statistics. 

A multi-disciplinary group of experts, from clinical paediatrics, nutrition, health informatics, statistics and programming, has now created the award-winning API (Application Programming Interface). It enables developers of EPRs to build apps and interfaces that will give clinicians solid data to improve care, and parents online access to their child’s growth records.

Alex Brown –Head of Commercial and Corporate Partnerships, RCPCH

Dr Marcus Baw – GP and Co-developer of Growth Charts API