Join us for HTN's Citizen Transformation event

For this one-day event on 5th December, we’ll hear from a host of professionals in the health tech industry to discuss citizen transformation.

Focusing on a host of topics topics including changing the model, virtual wards, patient access and remote monitoring, this event is open for all to enjoy and learn from.

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Hear how Careology is providing digital remote monitoring technology to revolutionise the cancer pathway and build effective digital cancer care. Find out:

How patients will become empowered during their cancer care through the use of digital technology
How Careology equips healthcare professionals with real-time, relevant information – freeing up time to care and reducing the need for unnecessary admin
The global impact digital cancer care could have on cancer treatment in the next 5 years and beyond.

Speaker: Paul Landau, CEO, Careology


At home diagnostics: Revolutionising the patient pathway

The growing demand for diagnostic procedures, combined with limited clinical capacity and greater infection control measures, is proving increasingly challenging to meet.


Innovation in pathways and technologies, such as moving diagnostic capacity into the community, is helping to tackle this challenge and give citizens greater control and choice over their care. In the West Midlands, we are now going a stage further by trialling the self-administration of closed capsule endoscopy in the patient’s own home.


While new technology and connectivity solutions make this procedure possible, it is close working with patients: to better understand their concerns, how the process works in practice and their overall experience, that will determine the pilot’s success. 


With responsibility for working with NHS partners and producing an evidence base to inform future use, NHS Arden & GEM will share the latest trial plans and provide initial observations on patient reactions and perceptions regarding the use of remote diagnostics and Artificial Intelligence.



Ben Panton, Senior Digital Partnerships Manager at NHS Arden & GEM CSU


A session with Apira Ltd

Apira will be discussing how patient engagement and empowerment, and new models of care delivery have been incorporated into digital systems and services projects for their national, regional and local clients.

The team will also share insight from projects where they have helped to deploy patient portals, remote monitoring, virtual consultation and virtual ward technology, which are already helping to support the delivery of safer and more efficient care, and to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.  

Alan and David will also be sharing their own personal experience of engaging with the NHS and managing their own long-term conditions through digital technology.


Richard Scowen – Head of Procurement

David Corbett – Director of Client Engagement

Claire Doughty – Clinical Lead and Transformation Manager

Alan Brown – Director of Professional Services 



A session with Lexacom

HTN speak to Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom, about their role in supporting primary care and the Citizen Access programme through their digital dictation and speech recognition software. Andrew discusses the ways in which Lexacom supports primary care and the benefits their solution can bring.

We’re currently developing the agenda for this event – please email for more information on hosting a session

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