Content Services for the NHS: Delivering Positive Patient Outcomes in a Pandemic

Time: 10:30AM

Date: 17th June 2020


Healthcare has become even more distributed during this pandemic and keeping up with the quality of patient care is becoming increasingly more difficult. Covid-19 has forced a new normal on all of us.

Healthcare providers had to turn into telehealth providers overnight.  For the NHS, it has highlighted cracks in IT infrastructure and enterprise systems, including content management systems.  Patient records are stored in too many systems and connecting physicians and patients securely & protecting content has become more complicated. But on the flip side, it has proved that virtual appointments are not only viable, they can be cost efficient and productive.

Could this crisis create a positive change for the NHS?

We will discuss how to create positive patients outcomes in these unprecedented times and the top 4 care priorities around delivering digitally enabled care, including:

  • Personalised Care
  • Joined-Up Care
  • Unified View of the Patient
  • Automation of Clinical Process