Feature Series: Electronic Patient Records

Though this channel you’ll find all of our feature content dedicated to Electronic Patient Record Systems (EPRs) in one place.

We’ll share expert comment, opinion pieces, case studies and learnings from health tech companies and professionals who know this field inside-out.

From Electronic Patient Record programmes, suppliers and innovations, through to ‘of the moment’ topics such as EPR software as a service, the impact of the cloud, the importance of these technologies for Integrated Care Systems, and the move from applications towards platforms, we’ll explore a range of views, perspectives and challenges.

In this piece, David Hancock, Healthcare Executive Advisor at Intersystems, shares his view on the fresh challenges facing EPRs in Integrated Care Systems, dissects the discussion around ‘best of breed’ vs enterprise EPRs, and predicts and NHS move away from applications towards platforms.

EPR software supplier Nervecentre recently held a live webinar on the idea of ‘EPR as a service’, explaining how NHS trusts can use the company’s fully-integrated platform as a cloud SaaS model.

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