Serving nearly 3 million patients with one connected primary care workforce platform

Within 6 months of launching the bank, 88% of practices had joined the platform, 3,000+ staff across 26 different staff types were actively working through Lantum, Hubs were achieving fill rates of up to 94%, and practices were achieving fill rates of up to 92%. To date, GM’s partnership with Lantum has saved them £4.9 million.

The problem

Greater Manchester Health and Care Partnership (GM) represents and manages the health and wellbeing budget for the 2.9 million people who live across its 10 CCGs. Like many Systems, GM was juggling a number of challenges, including:

  • Getting workforce visibility, which was challenging, both for system-level leadership and for practice groups and hub services trying to plan their schedules.
  • Managing complicated schedules and manual processes, which was further exacerbated by the additional complexities caused by COVID-19.
  • Finding additional staff, which was consistently time-consuming, unpredictable and stressful – and often expensive, as recruitment agencies were regularly used.

The solution

To solve these problems, GM aimed to create a single, shared primary care workforce bank that would connect GPs with all practices and service providers in the area. With several of their services and practices already successfully using Lantum to build and manage collaborative staff banks, GM decided to partner with Lantum to deliver their System-wide digital workforce bank.

“I really underestimated the Rota tool. For someone using it every day, their lives are made so much easier. The data we get from Lantum is invaluable – we wouldn’t have had the same level of insight without it. Now I have experience working with Lantum, I’m an advocate. The Lantum team are responsive, pragmatic, with a can-do attitude to problem-solving.”

Kerry Porter, Primary Care Workforce Programme Manager, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership