GP Federation uses RIVIAM’s Secure Video service with TPP SystmOne™ integration to deliver video consultations

RIVIAM Digital Care started working with a forward-thinking GP Federation in Hampshire in summer 2019 to add secure video consultations that allow integration with TPP SystmOne™ to their capabilities. RIVIAM uniquely delivers this.

The NHS Long Term Plan states that over the next 5 years ‘digital-first’ primary care in England will become a necessity and every patient will have a right to choose this from their own GP practice.  Mobile phones and apps have transformed every other industry; patients now expect the same experience from their GP practice.

The GP Federation wanted to deliver the clinical services themselves and were looking for a focused, proven technology platform and video service provider to host and manage the calls.

They chose RIVIAM’s Secure Video service firstly because of its high-definition innovative video conferencing expertise and secondly, RIVIAM’s direct interface with their clinical system, TPP’s SystmOne™.

The GP Federation has in mind a number of different uses for RIVIAM’s service:

  • Giving students virtual access to a GP video consultation using a mobile device, providing them with easier, accessible healthcare.
  • Enabling nurses in care homes to consult clinicians remotely in real-time about patients.
  • Supporting virtual multi-disciplinary team meetings.
  • Providing remote consultations across geographies with highly skilled staff.

RIVIAM said to HTN, “The Secure Video service is available now to other primary and community care providers in the UK.”

“The technology service from RIVIAM provides a real-time secure video and audio-conferencing call for the Federation and is 100% part of RIVIAM, meaning it doesn’t store or process any video information outside England.”

“Customers can fully customise the patient experience including the digital waiting room that allows patients to see where they are in the queue as well as potentially answer pre-consultation questions. The waiting room is integrated into TPP SystmOne™’s diary to provide the patient with a realistic waiting time.”

“The interface with  TPP’s SystmOne™ means a GP or clinician user can book appointments using their regular clinical rotas. Post-consultation, relevant information is written back into TPP SystmOne™ automatically.”

Paul Targett, Managing Director RIVIAM Digital Care said, “We’re delighted to see RIVIAM’s video service and NHS integration supporting the future of healthcare.”

“Our mission is to improve people’s lives by providing our customers with secure and interoperable digital technology to help them co-ordinate care better and give patients convenient access to advice and care. We will be developing the video service so it enables multiple users to have an audio or video conference call together. This will be ideal for virtual multi-disciplinary meetings, saving teams time.”

Booking a video consultation triggers an email invitation to the patient containing a URL link and pin code. The patient is able to access and launch the video with RIVIAM’s mobile app using any connected device.

During the call, the GP user or the patient can save the video and audio recording. Afterwards, RIVIAM keeps a secure copy of the video consultation in the patient record for later reference and access by the user.

For further details, please contact Read more about the Secure Video service.