The HTN Awards 2020, sponsored by CCube Solutions, celebrate great technology, partnerships, teams and innovations making a difference across health and care.

Category: Best Health Tech Solution of the Year


Smartr Health Ltd

Celsium – Constant core temperature monitoring

  • Opportunities to identify temperature change and the development of conditions such as sepsis or Covid-19 are being missed.
  • Conditions escalate, become more complex and cause increased costs to the NHS.
  • Celsium changes this with accurate, constant core temperature monitoring.
  • Earlier identification = Treatment sooner + reduced complexity and healthier patients.

C2-AI (Crab Clinical Informatics Limited – trading as C2-Ai)

C2-Ai systems help hospitals reduce variation, avoidable harm/mortality, and save significant costs.  Our HAP/AKI prevention app, used across the NHS, would save 70,000 lives and £1bn annually while freeing 2m bed-days. We can then triage the elective surgical list based on individual risk and take months out of the backlog.

HAS Technology


Our ARMED solution combines pioneering predictive analytics modelling with innovative wearable technology and health and social care data. The innovative solution allows you to identify risks (including risk of falling) earlier in the care cycle, empowering people to remain independent within their own homes for longer.


Patient Communication for Healthcare Professionals

accuRx has transformed patient communication in primary care, expanding into secondary care and listening to users’ needs throughout. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, accuRx listened to their users, expanding their product offering to enable NHS staff to continue to see patients without endangering themselves or those seeking treatment.

Microsoft Research

InnerEye, Democratizing AI for Medical Image Analysis

InnerEye aims to democratise AI for medical image analysis by empowering researchers, healthcare providers, and life-science organizations with tools to build and utilise AI. To achieve this goal, we have created a tool set that allows for building AI models and their deployment into hospital networks in a manner that is compliant with data handling regulations.


Transforming inpatient safety in Mental Health with Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant

Oxehealth’s Digital Care Assistant (DCA) platform helps clinicians make their pathways more productive. Data from the DCA’s platform gives clinicians foresight into a patient’s trajectory to move from reactive, to proactive care. As a result, clinicians have reduced patient safety incidents and improved care quality and experience


AI-driven physiotherapy app reduces pressure on NHS

Phio is a digital-first triage support tool, developed with NHS and NICE approved clinical frameworks for MSK. It’s a conversational AI solution, accessible online 24/7, offering superior patient experience and collecting comprehensive data to support a rapid referral to the right care pathway, at a fraction of the cost.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Digital Child Growth Assessment – from print to digital for better child health

Child growth assessment is important – whether detecting serious illness or managing the obesity crisis, it involves complex data and statistics and is still done largely using paper growth charts. The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Digital Growth API wraps all this complexity in a simple REST API.

SilverCloud Health

SilverCloud Digital Mental Health for All

SilverCloud believe that the best mental health technology solution is one that is evidence-based, effective and widely adopted. After 2 decades of research, with 30+ programmes and over half a million people having benefited across 300 organisations, SilverCloud has uniquely shown the long-term impact and cost-effectiveness of digital therapy.

St Helens & Knowsley Health Informatics Service

St Helens and Knowsley NHS Hospital Trust deploys Netcall’s text messaging Hub for COVID-19 antigen and antibody test results for patients and staff.

COVID-19 antigen and antibody tests are ongoing at the Trust for staff and patients. Supporting faster notification of results, St Helens & Knowsley Informatics deployed Netcall’s Messaging Hub to relay results within 48 hours. Since deployment in mid-May, over 90% of almost 14,000 test results have been accessed.

Sensyne Health

GDm-Health – digital therapeutic for remote management of diabetes in pregnancy.

GDm-Health is a digital therapeutic for remote management of diabetes in pregnancy. Born out of clinical need and underpinned by clinical evidence, GDm-Health enables clinicians to review blood glucose readings in near real-time and prioritise women most in need whilst still providing efficient and effective care to all patient cohorts.


Inovus Medical

Inovus Medical brings connected surgical training to the masses with launch of LapAR™

Having successfully developed a functional beta product from an initial funding by SBRI and following presentation of the technology to the SBRI Healthcare panel in 2019, Inovus Medical were awarded phase two funding to allow development of a commercially ready offering and so LapAR™ has now been brought to the market.

Connected Nottinghamshire and Patients Know Best

A local mandate provides a national solution for public-facing digital services
Connected Nottinghamshire, the digital programme across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System has brought together data from local and national systems to enable Nottinghamshire residents to access digital tools, information and services; empowering them to drive their own health outcomes, take control and become experts in their health, care and wellbeing.

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