The HTN Awards 2020, sponsored by CCube Solutions, celebrate great technology, partnerships, teams and innovations making a difference across health and care.

Category: Best use of AI


Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Deploying AI in the fight against COVID-19

With testing turnaround times of more than 24 hours clinicians used chest radiography as the primary diagnostic tool to assess and triage COVID-19 patients. The introduction of AI algorithms resulted in a faster and more accurate diagnosis. This has meant more efficient triaging and care of patients and optimised use of critical care resources. The tool also mitigated any challenges of reduced medical staff due to COVID-19.



Saving lives through AI-driven remote health monitoring of vulnerable patients

Vtuls’ market-leading AI and Machine Learning-driven technology tackles the leading causes of death globally by enabling clinicians and caregivers to monitor vulnerable patients’ vital signs remotely and to respond rapidly to worsening conditions. It is proven to improve patient outcomes, increase clinician capacity and reduce healthcare costs.


Microsoft Research 

InnerEye, Democratizing AI for Medical Image Analysis

InnerEye aims to democratise AI for medical image analysis by empowering researchers, healthcare providers, and life-science organizations with tools to build and utilise AI. To achieve this goal, we have created a tool set that allows for building AI models and their deployment into hospital networks in a manner that is compliant with data handling regulations.


NHS Shared Business Services

NHS SBS Finance Robots

NHS SBS is saving hundreds of thousands of employee hours every year after deploying robots to carry out repetitive financial processing tasks. The robots work round-the-clock on behalf of over 200 NHS organisations, improving speed and accuracy, delivering greater efficiencies, and enhancing NHS user experience.


Solutions 4 Health

Quit with Bella – AI-Powered Stop Smoking Coach

Solutions4Health is a data-driven company with 17yrs experience of delivering public health services. We use our customer insights gained from 100,000’s client interactions to improve accessibility to services, health outcomes, and address health inequalities. Our digital-first strategy is now providing improved service delivery at scale.


Cambridge Heartwear

We believe in using artificial intelligence to transform cardiovascular health.

We are a medical device and algorithm company using artificial intelligence and computer science for cardiovascular health. We are based in Cambridge Science Park, in Cambridge UK. Our goal is to bring tomorrow’s technology, today. We believe that technology and med tech companies ourselves can play an important part in shaping the discourse and training for diversity and accessibility of the next generation of engineers.

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