The HTN Awards 2020, sponsored by CCube Solutions, celebrate great technology, partnerships, teams and innovations making a difference across health and care.

Category: User-led Innovation and Experience 


PEP Health `
The Wisdom of Patients- Making sense of what patients say publicly about the quality of their care

Start-up PEP Health makes sense of what patients say and think about their healthcare experiences. Offering a radical new approach to collecting and analysing the views of patients on the services they have received, with comprehensive real-time reporting of what patients really think so that services are improved and monitored.

Patient Communication for Healthcare Professionals

accuRx has transformed patient communication in primary care, expanding into secondary care and listening to users’ needs throughout. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, accuRx listened to their users, expanding their product offering to enable NHS staff to continue to see patients without endangering themselves or those seeking treatment.
Blackpool Teaching Hospital
Blackpool’s Inhouse developed NEXUS CoVID Tracker
The in-house developed CoVID Tracker app allows multi-disciplinary teams access to a digital system to identify, assess and manage CoVID patients in a safe and efficient manner. This app arose from specifications defined by several teams – RCOT (Respiratory CoVID Outreach Team), Clinical Research, Operational, Ward based and out-of-hospital teams.

Innovative healthcare partition screens redesigned and customised to meet the needs of customers, utilising outstanding customer service.

KwickScreen designs and manufactures innovative privacy and isolation screens used within healthcare environments. Our customer-centric approach has allowed us to redesign our products to meet the individual needs of different users, and to rapidly change our products and production processes during the Covid-19 pandemic in line with user requirements.

LifeBox Health
a digital solution to pre-operative management of patients.

The LifeBox app provides a digital health pre-assessment platform.
The aim of this innovation, built on user feedback, is to improve hospital peri-operative management of patients.
Increasing the quality of care and experience for patients, supports the hospital team to deliver enhanced patient hospital care and better clinical outcomes.
WJP Software Limited

Microbiological Reporting System

MRS is currently used by 50% of the NHS Trusts who have a pharmacy or radiopharmacy clean room. Our software is developed in constant conversation with our clients from senior management and regional specialist to end-users.

Somnus Scientific Limited
Real-time blood propofol monitoring

Somnus Scientific has been established by a practicing doctor and a leading clinical research scientist specifically to address the concerns of both anaesthetists and patients regarding the lack of a real-time monitor to measure the concentration of anaesthetic drug in the patient’s blood stream.

OpenAir Med
OpenAir Med & Sonin App Development

OpenAir Med provides peace-of-mind to patients with respiratory illnesses through instant feedback on the health of their lungs as well as personalised, proactive warnings of when environmental conditions could trigger attacks.

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