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Lessons learned from Apira’s Digital ICS experiences
Apira have been working at regional levels for several years – even before ICS’s were formed. In this session Apira will share some of the lessons learned from regional-level projects such as joint digital system business cases, shared instance EPR deployments, digital pathology networks and ICS shared care record implementations.


How various NHS Trusts have developed their EPR Outline Business Cases

This webinar will look at how various NHS Trusts have developed their EPR Outline Business Cases. It will look at the OBC strategic case (EPRs spanning primary, community, acute and social care), economic case (demonstrating value for money and return on investment), financial case (making EPRs, e.g. Cerner and Epic, affordable using cash releasing benefits), commercial case (designing the EPR scoring matrix) and management case (designing EPR implementation governance and readiness frameworks). It will review UK and US EPR implementations, and their digital maturity, using first-hand experience and published data.

– David Kwo, former CIO, now healthcare consultant


Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board discuss their co-production of a bespoke, portable digital epilepsy health record for children with complex epilepsy in Luton.


Join consultant paediatrician, Sreeni Tekki-Rao, Specialist epilepsy nurse, Liz Stevens and project manager Usha Panchal for a live webinar on the work Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes Integrated Care Board is doing to help children with epilepsy and their families.


Discussion: Digital Integrated Care Systems 

What is the biggest benefit that your ICS will derive from deploying technology?

Within an ICS, where will technology have the biggest impact?

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