HTN Digital Week June 2020

HTN Digital Week is a week of online events to share and collaborate on healthcare technology, sponsored by Alfresco and CCube Solutions, and takes place 15th – 21st June 2020.

15th June 2020 – 10:00 AM – Sherwood Forest Digital Strategy

Presenter: Morgan Thanigasalam, Clinical Lead for ICT, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS FT

15th June 2020 – 11:30 AM – Digitisation and AI: Do inequalities matter?

Presenter: Sam Shah, Global Clinical and Digital Adviser, Department of International Trade

15th June 2020 – 3:00PM -Comparing incentives and delivery of digital primary care across California, Australia, New Zealand, Nordics; lessons for the UK’s healthcare and tech?

I am a 2019-20 Winston Churchill Fellow and travelled to California, Australia and New Zealand to explore digital health policy and practice. I am keen to share key findings on the similarities and differences of healthcare systems’ roles and relationships in digital health between government, payers, healthcare providers, the tech companies and their investors. This will help tech professionals to understand the different levers that drive innovation take-up.

Presenter: Dimitri Varsamis PhD, Senior Policy Lead, General Practice Strategy and Contracts, NHS England and NHS Improvement

15th June 2020 – 5:00PM – Lessons from multiple large scale EPR implementations and EHR systems for integrated care

Presenter: David Kwo, Digital Healthcare Specialist

16th June 2020 – 9:30 AM – Using Digital Technology to Improve Service Access

This webinar will share how Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust offers a digital front door to modernise service access for families, children and young people. The NHS-based digital development team behind these innovations are supporting more than 70 NHS teams to set up their own safe and secure digital services based on well-evidenced models.

This has fast-tracked digital innovation to be accessible to over 3 million people nationwide by:

  • Implementing the award-winning ChatHealth messaging platform to deliver confidential health advice to service users
  • Bringing localised signposting information to age-appropriate websites – Health for Teens, Health for Kids and Health for Under 5’s.
  • Making healthcare assessments paperless by digitising forms to assess the health and well-being of population groups.
Presenters: Caroline Palmer and Julie Jones, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

16th June 2020 – 10:30AM – From immunisations to COVID-19, our digital health journey

From digital immunisations and care home monitoring to using digital to tackle the Coronavirus pandemic, here from City Health Care Partnership on their digital health journey to date. Mike Cosgrove, project manager and Mark Filby, information systems programme manager will be joined by Jamie Innes, product director at Inhealthcare, a UK leader in digital health and remote patient care.

Presenter: City Health Care Partnership


16th June 2020 – 12:00PM – Digital first patient communications

Presenter: Healthcare Communications

16th June 2020 – 3:00 PM – Managing Patients Post the COVID Peak
How well are patients recovering after a hospital admission with COVID-19? How are shielded patients managing their health at home? How do we prioritise hospital care to those who have destabilised in the community?
These are just a few of the concerns faced by healthcare providers at the moment. Learn how continuous physiological monitoring of patients in their homes can shine a light on those in need of urgent care so intervention can be provided to improve clinical outcomes and save lives.
Presenter: Christopher McCann, CEO, Current Health
17th June 2020 – 12:00 PM – Health Education England: Digital Supply and Capacity, workforce planning update for 2020
Presenter: Health Education England
17th June 2020 – 1:00 PM – The Power of data in a crisis: How having a centralised data point can support critical decision making by giving you more control and more visibility across your organisation
17th June 2020 – 2:00 PM – CAMHS.Digital – developing digital (mental) health platforms with children and young people
Dr Whelan will discuss co-producing digital platforms for mental health and wellbeing with children and young people and developing innovative digital practice that spans the public/private divide, working in partnership with the NHS and private industry.
Presenter: Dr Pauline Whelan; Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust & University of Manchester
17th June 2020 – 3:00 PM – DigitalHealth.London: Technology is Changing Behavioural Change

Discussion featuring a several SMEs leading behavioural change apps including; Smoke Free App (app to help prevent smoking recently made available from Boots), Sweatcoin (walking app that rewards activity) and Tiny Media App (focussing on children with asthma).

18th June 2020 – 10:00 AM – Ventilators, infusion pumps… How a single interoperability platform can connect any medical device from your ICU with any healthcare IT system or application
  • How and why health technology interoperability is increasingly a priority for the Intensive Care Unit to ensure best utilization and efficiency of the  produced data.
  • From reducing errors and the time spent on manual transcription to spending more time with patients, discover all the benefits of medical device integration for your Intensive Care Unit and its medical staff
  • Anaesthesia workstations, blood gas analyzers, dialysis and hemodialysis machines, infusion pumps, EEGs, ventilators, respirators, … Learn how to connect all the devices of your ICU with any clinical application of your IT system
  • Discover ENOVACOM Patient Connect, our medical device interoperability platform that enhances patient care and the patient experience
Presenter: Mark Smith, Enovacom
18th June 2020 – 12:00PM – Scalable sharing of data across local shared care records
Summary: Challenges and recommended scalable solutions to share agreed data between local shared care records using APIs, Open ID Connect authentication and FHIR endpoints.


  • Innovation using open standards based technology;
  • Information governance as an enabler rather than a barrier;
  • Importance of Communication and shared goals;
  • Drive for continuous improvement – don’t let excellent stand in the way of good
Presenter: Emlyn Jones / Fran Draper, Connecting Care Partnership – SCW CSU
18th June 2020 – 3:00PM – DigitalHealth.London: Accelerating digi-health-tech
18th June 2020 – 6:00PM – Health Tech Leaders Awards 2020
HTN will be hosting a live digital awards evening to share, recognise and say thank you to NHS professionals from across the country who have recently worked at pace to deliver health tech solutions within hours, days and weeks.
19th June 2020 – 9:00AM – An update on the digital transformation programme in the region
Presenter: Paul Charnley, Director of IT and Information, Wirral University Teaching Hospital
19th June 2020 – 11:00AM – From Laggard to Leader: Progressing our journey through COVID
Mark Hutchinson, Exec. Chief Digital & Information Officer, and Leah Parry, Digital Transformation Lead, of Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS FT will present their digital journey, successes to date, ROI and positive outcomes. They will discuss recent go-lives and implications amid the current crisis.
19th June 2020 – 12:00PM – Digital Citizen Empowerment
In an ever growing digital health and care world with an increased focus on a digital first approach, it’s important that we do not forget those who are at risk of being digitally excluded – Just under 12 million people in the UK don’t have basic digital skills – how can organisations empower their local communities so that no one is left behind? This webinar will look at the key elements needed for anyone thinking about creating local programmes to help empower citizens in the digital health space.
Presenter: Saira Arif, ORCHA