HTN Leading Healthcare Summit


HTN Summit 2020, two days of digital events to share experiences and learnings, and to collaborate with peers across the country.

On 21st and 22nd September 2020, through live webinar sessions, we welcome speakers from across health and care. 

The live sessions will cover a range of topics that include developing digital literacies, the nursing role within health tech, health tech strategies, interoperability, clinical engagement, data consolidation, robotic process automation, lessons learned and more. The presenters will talk about their role and the work they are involved in, aiming to share what they have done, how they have done it and what they have learned.

The events are entirely free for NHS/healthcare professionals. Please register to attend live or to receive the recordings. Please allow up to 55 minutes for each session.

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Session Schedule

21st September Day One


In this session we explore how the trust has adopted robotic process automation, data and analytics.

Hugo Mathias, CIO, Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust


Orchestrating care – the key to connected healthcare delivery.

This session will introduce a smart alternate approach to digital transformation that acknowledges existing investments and realises benefits for healthcare professionals and organisations at all levels. Topics covered:  FHIR, Interoperability, Clinical engagement, Data consolidation.

Tom Scott, Regional Sales Director, Alcidion


Digital innovations and health tech strategy at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS FT.

This session will describe the digital innovation programme at Moorfields Eye Hospital with a particular focus on the introduction of remote consultations, remote monitoring, shared care with community optometrists, and artificial intelligence in ophthalmology.

Peter Thomas, Director of Digital Innovation and Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS FT


The technology projects delivered during 2020 at Mid and South Essex Health Care Partnership and what’s next.

Dilshan Arawwawala, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Mid and South Essex Health Care Partnership


The Language of EPRs and Interoperability.

This webinar will examine widely used EPR and interoperability terms (such as “integration”, “interfacing”, “interoperate”, “interoperability standards”, “best of breed”), how they are used and at times inadvertently mis-used leading to misconceptions at central policy and local business case/implementation levels. We will propose definitions which will hopefully help to avoid such confusions. We will also present the latest findings in our research into EPR systems in acute hospitals in England: which hospitals adopt best of breed v integrated v in-house EPRs and how these EPR types are associated with decision-support capabilities, depth of functionality and hospital financial health.  

Former CIO at UCL, David Kwo, Digital Healthcare Specialist


22nd September Day Two


The Assistant Nurse Information Officer journey so far. 

Helen McGuire and Ainhoa Arjona from Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


The use of agile mobile technology to achieve a best in class EPR at Leicester’s Hospitals

Hear about Leicester’s Hospitals digital strategy which focuses on the rollout of innovative EPR technology to provide better, safer and more efficient care for their patients – and maximise all the advantages of mobile working. Striving for digital maturity, the goal at Leicester Hospital’s is to build a Next Generation EPR approach by building around a platform that’s mobile, modern and – crucially – well adopted by the staff. The presentations include case study examples of the EPR roll-out journey including the new EPMA system.

Paul Volkaerts, CEO Nervecentre

Andy Carruthers, Chief Information Officer, Leicester’s Hospitals

Graeme Hall, Associate Chief Pharmacist/Chief Pharmacy Information Officer, Leicester’s Hospitals


Defining the New Norm for EPR Implementations

We explore the impact and challenges of implementing an EPR and other digital health systems through remote working and how methodologies can be adapted to create a new norm for successful implementations.

Katy Lethbridge, Client Engagement Director, Ideal Health

Jonah Aburrow-Jones, Client Engagement Director, Ideal Health


Defining ‘digital literacy’ and the importance of digital capabilities in the delivery of health and social care. Identifying key interventions that can be implemented in any setting to improve digital capabilities and staff engagement with technology. Sharing insights into how to effectively upskill the health and social care workforce, highlighting the importance of staff engagement and ownership of digital solutions.

Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas, Head of Blended Learning and Digital Literacy Workstream Lead, Health Education England


The COVID-19 catalyst – How the pandemic has optimised the opportunity for digital health.

Although the virus has been devastating for so many, it has also accelerated development and adoption of technology across many areas of the healthcare system.  Simon and Nadine from Spirit Health Group will openly discuss the ups and downs of being at the forefront of remote healthcare delivery in Leicestershire.

Nadine Miles, Director of Market Development, Spirit Health Group

Simon Applebaum, Managing Director, Spirit Digital


Collaborative working, enabling new working practices for healthcare.

Support your new working practices across Healthcare and gain greater flexibility in how patient care is delivered, by adopting the correct collaboration tools – make them a permanent part of your future.

Paul Tsang, Head of Collaboration Solutions, Redcentric


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