HTN Now 13-16 April 2021

The HTN Now health tech tour continues in April, when we bring together the health tech community to share, discuss and collaborate on a variety of topics focused around health tech for the now.

During this edition of HTN Now we welcome speakers from across the industry to share their programmes, learnings, approach and advice, through a series of live sessions. We also share our popular video interviews, when we hear from teams from across the country. 


HTN Now is a series of curated sessions through the year, taking place: 

  • 18 – 22 January
  • 13 – 16 April
  • 14 – 20 June
  • 20 – 21 September 
  • 8 – 9 November 

13th April

Digital Health and Care Wales / ABUHB All-Wales Regional Implementation of WellSky Pharmacy

Lisa Forey – Pharmacy Manager / Principal Pharmacist Procurement, Logistics, Informatics and Clinical Pharmacy and Mark Collard – Principal Technician, Pharmacy Technical Services, and Kate Headley – Project Manager, Digital Health and Care Wales

Discover how Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust work in partnership with HCI, to produce and deliver digital solutions, including the multiple conditions app, CONNECTPlus, that forms an integral part of the Trust’s 2021 transformation strategy.

Adel Jones, Director of Transformation and Partnerships at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust and Richard Wyatt-Haines, CEO at HCI

The Power of Digital Identity: Solving Healthcare IAM Challenges

Most healthcare organisations are currently using identity and access management (IAM) tools, but few are integrating those solutions into a holistic digital identity strategy. Why is there such a disconnect in integrating a suite of digital identity solutions? The short answer is that many healthcare organisations have disparate IAM point solutions, and these can be notoriously difficult to integrate.

Like any crisis, COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for cyber criminals. The healthcare sector’s high value data make it an appealing target for cyberattacks. Cybersecurity, always a priority, should now be at the very top of every healthcare CIO and CISO’s list.

During this webinar, we’ll talk about the value of taking an organised approach to identity management and discuss how proactively managing your digital identities will empower you to securely manage whatever comes your way.

  • The importance of Digital Identity in the modern healthcare environment
  • The need for a more complete approach to managing identity within your organisation
  • Introducing the Imprivata Digital Identity Framework
  • Mapping the framework to key relevant regulatory and legislative requirements

14th April

Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust – Digital Programmes

In this session we explore the digital programmes and strategy at Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust. We hear about the programmes over the past year and what is coming up during 2021. 

Grace Birch, Associate Director of IM&T, Data Protection Officer, Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust

In this session we explore the technologies adopted by The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS FT to support its response to the pandemic. 

Dr Martin Cohn will be exploring the potentials of CO-LINK, a mobile app supporting trainees and medical students access to critical clinical learning experiences.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and WellSky HEPMA Implementation

Dr Alastair Bishop eHealth SDPM – Safer Medicines, Robert Puckett, Lead HEPMA Pharmacist and Dr Fiona Leung, Clinical Teaching Fellow – HEPMA team

Supporting the delivery of the Healthy Child Programme using digital tools at Leicestershire Partnership NHS

Find out how the Healthy Together team at Leicestershire Partnership NHS has been using the digital tools at their disposal, including health based websites, digital health and wellbeing forms and text messaging, to reach families, children and young people across Leicester, Leicester and Rutland.

15th April

New ECPR Programme, following its initial roll-out in spring. This programme is funded by £25m investment. 

Stephen Bromhall, Chief Information Officer, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust


Digital Health Platform – making data useful to clinicians

Malcolm Pradhan, Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion

Andy Kinnear, Partnerships Director, Ethical Healthcare Consulting

Change Management – what does “good” look like for successful digital health systems adoption

Organisations that have successfully delivered digital transformation will tell you that it’s “all about the people, not the technology”. What does this mean in practice? 

We explore the importance of change management in achieving adoption and therefore delivering benefits. From a simple change strategy to developing a change mature organisation we look at what a “good” transformation journey looks like and how to overcome common challenges.

Gaelle Fertil, Director of Transformation and Change, Ideal Health 

Martin Smith, Change Practice Manager, Ideal Health

Connected Nottinghamshire – Public Facing Digital Services

The digital transformation programme working across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire’s Integrated Care System shares how they set out to revolutionise health and care services on behalf of their local population and professionals. Through co-design and co-production, the NHS App and Patients Know Best (PKB) integration initiative has successfully been delivering the Public Facing Digital Services mandate for empowering local people to better manage their health, to self-care, self-manage and self-serve. Join this session to hear more about the locally led, national and industry level landmark partnership.

Jayne Birch-Jones – Change Management Lead, Jane Scarborough – Project and Change Manager and Rosie Atkin, Project Implementation Manager, Connected Nottinghamshire

NHS EPR Strategies 

David Kwo, former Director of EHRS and Informatics, UCLH

We are a group of NHS clinicians and IT experts interested in EPR strategies for the NHS. We would like to host a seminar to get wider discussion going on this topic and how it affects local and national IT policies. In particular, we would like to debate how ICSs should digitise and compare the use of Shared Care Records, EPRs, population health and AI/analytics innovations.

Session Topics 

  1. What are the digitally enabled transformations being formed locally and nationally?
  2. What digital transformation strategies should ICSs adopt?
  3. What EPR systems are used in the UK and US and the trends
  4. How OpenEHR and open standards EPR developments fit into digital healthcare transformation strategies
  5. How do open interoperability standards like FHIR support these future strategies?

16th April

HTN Videos

Our interviewing continues, here we publish a series of videos where we speak with healthcare teams on their digital programmes. 

HTN Trends Series 2021

Over the past few weeks the HTN team have been researching, interviewing and conducting surveys. Here we publish our first feature.


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