October 21st Digital ICS Agenda

9:00 - ICS - More Than a Shared Care Record?

In this panel session, Alcidion will discuss the potential for digital solutions to effectively support the objectives of the ICS framework and review options to establish a flexible and scalable architecture that will address key requirements. 

Dr Malcolm Pradhan, Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion, Vivek Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, Alcidion, Tom Scott, UK Sales Director, Alcidion and Carolyn Manuel-Barkin, Ethical Healthcare Consulting

10:00 - Navigating ICS Organisational Maturity

There is no shortage of change underway in ICSs with the new operational design and what good looks like frameworks sitting alongside the new data strategy, there are still the pressures to have minimal viable shared records up and running. By reviewing examples of digital strategies and maturity modelling, Ideal Health will look at what can be done practically to focus on understanding and assessing organisational maturity – not just from a digital perspective – and how this can help prioritise where scarce resources are best applied to gain the greatest benefit.

Jonah Aburrow-Jones, Director of Consulting, Strategy and Digital Maturity, Ideal Health

11:00 - How to Build a Digital First Integrated Care System

Based on Inhealthcare’s extensive experience of working with clinicians at the cutting edge of technology-enabled care, Jamie Innes, Inhealthcare’s product director, considers how ICSs can put in place smart digital and data foundations to deliver joined-up, collaborative care for patients. Jamie will use real world examples to demonstrate how services can be digitised, connected and transformed safely.

12:00 - Key Learning From our Population Health Management Journey

This session will provide an overview of PHM implementation across Hampshire and Isle of Wight. We will also cover successes, challenges and key learning points to share for others to consider when adopting a PHM approach.

Faye Brooks, Head of Population Health Management – Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICS

1:00 - Supporting Digital Integrated Care Systems

Dr Mark Dornan, GP, co-chair Newcastle Gateshead CCG and SRO for Digital Care Programme NENC ICS

2:00 - Practical Tools for ICSs to Coordinate Care and Connect Partners Caring for the Same Patient

Supported by real-world case studies from acute and community settings, Infinity Health presents practical tools and advice that ICSs can use to connect partners caring for the same patient, improve efficiency and patient safety, all with minimal disruption.

Elliott Engers, CEO, Infinity Health and Dr Jo Garland, Clinical Director, Infinity Health

3:00 - New Digital Strategy

Join Ade Byrne, CIO at University Hospital Southampton NHS FT as he shares the vision behind the new UHS Digital Strategy 2021-2026. This session will focus on the digital care network across the ICS, where digital systems will enable seamless patient centric care, highlighting the recent success story of the launch of digital maternity notes, Badgernet, connecting healthcare care providers across the ICS.


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