Join us for HTN Strategy, transformation and change

Join HTN and guests for the latest edition of HTN Now! 

The HTN health tech tour continues and we’re set to cover a range of topics including EPR programmes, remote care, digital patient tech, records management, data integration, digital integrated care systems and lots more! 

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25 July - Online


Join us on 25 July for our latest virtual HTN event, with a range of content centring around strategy, transformation and change. 

10am – Digital ICS leaders

11am – Definitions, concepts and drivers for the integration of care, and the role of digitalisation. 

We are joined by Robin Williams, director at the University of Edinburgh’s Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation, along with Dr Kathrin Cresswell, senior lecturer.

Integrating care is a strategic imperative and digitalisation is seen as a key enabler. However, success to date has been variable. In this session, Robin and Kathrin will discuss definitions, concepts and drivers for the integration of care, and the role of digitalisation within this. Their focus will be upon on strategic approaches and socio-organisational aspects, and how these are linked to existing and emergent health information systems architectures. They will also place their discussions within the current strategic context in England.

12pm – To Frontline Digitisation And Beyond…

Join Apira consultants as they discuss the NHS digitisation journey by considering the growing challenges of EPR procurements, the dynamics of the national investment in Patient Health Records, the relationship between the convergence agenda and digitisation of the NHS, and in light of these discussions we question the need for all individual organisations to pen their own unique Digital Strategies.

1pm – HTN deep dive

The HTN team compares and contrasts the key aspects of transformation and change in integrated care strategies.