Real-time patient data

As part of the HTN #HealthTechToShoutAbout feature series, we spoke to Healthcare Gateway to hear more about their work in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Liam King, Commercial Director, Healthcare Gateway said to HTN “The MIG shares data either as a HTML rendered view or in a structured format from a multitude of different health and care settings ranging through GP, community, mental health, acute, and social care.

“An example is Kent and Medway, where the population exceeds 1.8m. The MIG is utilised to connect all GP practices within the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), sharing GP data into 15 separate NHS organisations, in addition providing real-time feeds of data from acute, community and mental health back into those endpoints and also back into the GP surgeries. Going forward it will also be supporting real-time feeds into the Kent Care Record (Graphnet).

“We are committed to supporting the NHS during this critical time and as such made updates that include updating the MIG content model to include Covid-19 SNOMED CT concepts from all GP system providers. For EMIS, and Vision GP practices the SNOMED CT concepts will be added to the following sections; contra-indication, diagnosis, immunisation, microbiology and other investigations. TPP sections are to be confirmed.”

“The MIG GP Journal View displays all contacts and observations over the last 12 months and includes GP notes/annotations. Where a healthcare professional records multiple items within a consultation or template, the information is displayed as one encounter within the Journal View.”

“In some regions, EMIS GP datasets have been updated to include frailty indicators to support healthcare professionals in making informed decisions.”

“We have supported The Nightingale Hospital at ExCeL London. This is a fantastic feat and will be using the NHS Bart’s Health Trust instance of Cerner Millennium as its EHR. Healthcare Gateway provide GP data into this instance already and are proud to be supporting this project.

“The wider London estate is connected via the One London Central Hub; Healthcare Gateway have implemented additional MIG connectivity for the surrounding areas, including Hertfordshire STP, meaning that London and out of area patient data can be accessed right across health services.

“Across the North West we are supporting Covid-19 pathway management with the sharing of GP, care planning and community. We have begun to enhance our connectivity between health and care and the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) into Orion and are in discussions to include all MIG connected CCGs. We see this as vital in supporting the pandemic for the North West.

“There is an expansion of Share2Care (North West England) and LPRES (Lancashire Person Record Exchange Service) to add an additional 12 CCGs (20 in total). This is configured to share GP and care planning information from EMIS and TPP into Philips Forcare and TianiSpirit respectfully.

“We have enabled new endpoints across the Midlands and have also connected Coventry, Rugby and North Warwickshire CCGs to our existing WMAS for 999 (Cleric) and 111 (Adastra).”