Feature Series: Remote Monitoring

This channel will focus on remote monitoring – sharing the insights of health technology and healthcare experts through a series of features dedicated to the topic.

The use of remote monitoring tools and technologies has surged during the course of the pandemic and industry continues to contribute endless innovations that enable patients to be cared for outside of traditional hospital settings.

From the self-reporting of vital signs, symptoms and changes to long-term conditions, through to self-testing and technologies that allow patients to practice self-management, self-care and take their medicines in safer ways, the opportunities and ideas are endless.

As well as benefiting patients through potentially safer and more consistent care, and making treatments and recoveries more comfortable and convenient from home, it’s hoped remote monitoring will continue to help clinicians navigate the challenges of the pandemic and subsequent care backlog, as well as contribute to a more sustainable healthcare system by reducing traffic and footfall.

These factors all make remote monitoring one of the most inventive and fast-changing areas of healthcare technology – and this page will be your hub for hearing all about the latest developments, case studies, inventions, industry insights and workforce perspectives.

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