Webinar: Simplifying the referral process to support right care, first time

10 am – 11 am, 24 July


The complexities of the NHS referral process greatly impacts patients and clinicians.

A survey conducted by Healthwatch found that 21% of patients were either referred to the wrong service, had their appointments cancelled, were taken off the waiting list or they didn’t hear anything about their referral, leading to longer waits and worsening conditions.

For GPs, rejected referrals are a challenge and result from the vast number of referral forms and pathways that are often updated with staff not knowing where to send a referral, which form to use and how to follow up.

Join this webinar for practical advice on:

  • How to reduce the time to refer
  • How to use the right pathway according to local guidance
  • How you can track and report on referrals
  • How you can manage with changes in pathways
The live webinar will include a questions and answers section, to submit questions in advance, please email marketing@htn.co.uk