Webinar: 10 things NHS buyers can learn from retail solutions

Presenters: Nicola Hall, Ingenica Solutions

Friday 24th January, 2PM

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Topics covered: Procurement 

Webinar Overview

Nicola Hall, NHS procurement and supply chain expert, explains how utilising barcoding technology is imperative in the fight to improve patient safety and save the NHS millions of pounds.

Nicola shares how processes commonly used in the retail, manufacturing and commercial world, are being successfully adopted by the NHS, to improve supply chain and procurement processes and why it is so important to ensure every product has a barcode which can be scanned at any point in the product supply chain from manufacture to treating the patient.

Nicola’s focus is supported by the health secretary who has championed the benefits of tracking and tracing of products through the supply chain; scanning barcodes to track everything from low value bandages to high value surgical implants to the patient level; knowing where, when and on whom products are used.

As well as saving millions of pounds for the NHS through improving efficiencies, Nicola explains how technology to improve supply chain and procurement processes also improves patient safety by making it easier to track and trace products and devices to a specific patient which are faulty for recall.  She also puts forward best practice examples including Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, discusses GS1 and NHSX.