Webinar: Combating Ransomware in Healthcare with Network Detection and Response (NDR)

1:00 – 2:00pm, 18 July

Cyberattack tactics continue to outpace healthcare protections, resulting in disrupted care and financial impact measured by the million. To combat evolving attacks new technologies must be explored and tested. This session explores new solutions like NDR, EDR, and XDR and the benefits they are providing early adopters.

Throughout the session we’ll examine the impact of cyberattacks and the limitations of current defences. Then, we’ll introduce NDR, a powerful technology that can quickly identify and stop attacks, minimising damage and downtime.

By attending, healthcare leaders will gain insights into the evolving threat landscape and how NDR, EDR, and XDR can protect their patients, systems and finances.

Speaker: Chad Holmes, Cynerio