Webinar: Digital Consent: Why Trusts can’t afford NOT to digitise consent processes – The surgeon’s perspective

Presenter: Stephen Lake FRCS supported by Matt Smith, Product Director, Wellbeing Software

Thursday 23rd January, 1PM

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Topics covered: Digitisation, compliance, consent

Webinar overview

Are questions over the affordability of implementing digital consent misplaced? Isn’t the real question, can they afford the risk of not doing so?

Topics covered and learning objectives:

  • benchmark key comparisons between traditional paper consent and digital consent
  • outline  from experience, organisational, healthcare clinicians/professionals and patient’s benefits including cost/time saving, clinical error reduction and comprehensive patient/family procedure understanding
  • clarify avoidable risks, potential outcomes and impacts from not digitising (or delaying) the process
  • give financial, operational and cultural perspectives, to help address known organisational challenges plus wider stakeholder’s misunderstandings or resistance

Presenter biography

Stephen was appointed to the Worcester Royal Infirmary as a Consultant General Surgeon in 1991, specialising in colorectal disease. He’s held a number of roles including Clinical Director for Cancer Services & Clinical Director for Surgery and Endoscopy. He has a long-standing commitment to improving communication with patients including issues around shared decision making and informed consent.