Webinar: How healthcare organisations can make best use of cloud tech

Presenter: Chris Reynolds, Head of Innovation and Product Development, NHS Arden & GEM CSU

Wednesday 22nd January, 11AM

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Topics covered: Cloud, business intelligence

Webinar Overview

How healthcare organisations can make best use of Cloud technology

Cloud based technology is already helping the NHS to transform the way it works by improving productivity and collaboration. As Office 365 is increasingly used across the public sector – including the recent rollout to all 100,000 NHS employees in Wales – we need to help organisations and users get the most benefit from the technology by shaping an understanding of requirements and optimising processes.

In this webinar, as well as discussing the potential benefits and challenges of using Cloud solutions, we’ll also share some exploratory projects we are working on, including:

  • Using features such as Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive to save time and money by reducing the need to travel to face-to-face meetings and enabling information to be shared and decisions to be reached more easily. For example, in one acute trust, by hosting a daily meeting for senior leaders on Teams and using a collaborative area to share the meeting content, time releasing savings equivalent to £83k a year can be made.
  • Using business intelligence tools to provide data driven insights, whether that be at a strategic level – for example, to undertake STP-wide workforce planning using feeds from a variety of sources such as ESR – or tactically – for example, quickly creating new dashboards which give critical insights in real time for specific areas such as controlled drugs incident monitoring.

By better supporting organisations to use the technology they increasingly already have at their disposal, we can rapidly introduce simple solutions to key challenges and barriers with minimal cost and for maximum benefit.