HTN Now: Digital Primary Care

27th February 2024

HTN Digital Primary Care is back, a one-day online event with sessions that explore digital solutions, transformation, and realising a modern general practice.

Join us for the engaging discussions as we explore the ways in which technology supports primary care, address challenges, and showcase impactful approaches. This inclusive event invites everyone to participate, share thoughts, and exchange experiences on various aspects of digital primary care. 

If you would like to join the webinar, email:


Panel Discussion: Driving patient outcomes through health tech

Join HTN and a panel of experts for a live discussion to focus on driving patient outcomes through health tech. We’ll hear from a variety of perspectives to discuss the area, challenges, opportunities and successes. 

The panel includes: 

  • Chris Nortcliff, GP and Digital Lead at Greater Manchester Primary Care Provider Board.
  • Penny Kechagioglou, CCIO and Deputy Chief Medical Officer at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire.
  • Lyndsey Reeves, Director of Operations at Livi UK


Webinar: Automate new patient registrations and lab report filing 

One less task for NHS staff! Automation with Healthtech-1 

You’ll hear about how Healthtech-1 automates new patient registrations and lab report filing, and how their 471 live surgeries have collectively saved 85,000 hours of staff time. They’re a small startup grown out of a GP surgery and are on a mission to free up NHS staff time. In the words of one of their GP customers, they’re doing a “cracking job”.


HTN Now: From transition to transformation the ongoing journey of NHS cloud telephony

Many sites will recently have started the migration to advanced NHS cloud telephony, while many others may be looking at upgrading their existing setups.

We look at the journey for both:

Recently migrated? For those sites on a new system, we give some practical tips and suggestions for getting the most from your new technology & how you can take patient access to a new level while also reducing access inequality & digital exclusion.

Looking to upgrade? What extra benefits & features should you be looking for, and how can you use these to help knit together your digital front door & improve patient access.

A session with Think Healthcare


Panel Discussion: Digital Access eHub for Online Consultation 

A session with the NHS England Blueprinting Team.

Aaron Hamilton from Healthcare Central London (HCL) CIC – North-West London), the author of the Digital Access eHub for Online Consultation Blueprint, will cover how HCL, a Federation of 32 General Practices in Westminster, developed and launched its Digital Access eHub and significantly reduced administration burden for its member Practices.  

In the last year, the eHub has triaged over 50,000 online consultations, successfully closing 27% through redirection away from Practices. HCL achieved this by utilising several resources and pathways, including the PCN Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) clinical roles, the local Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) scheme, the dedicated eHub GP team, signposting to patient self-help guides and content or by directly resolving administration queries. The eHub has proven to be an invaluable additional resource for many of the Federation’s Practices, with an estimated saving of 8,000+ GP appointments. It now stands as a sustainable platform ready for further collaborative services. 

During this session, the Blueprinting Team will also share insights and provide an overview of Blueprints and their benefits.


Panel Discussion: Digital Primary Care

Join HTN and panel of guests, where we explore expert views on a variety of areas of digital primary care.

During this webinar we’ll discuss key areas of digital primary care and a modern general practice, including: patient access, triage, engagement and digital tools; what good looks like for digital primary care; examples of projects and learnings; innovation in primary care; developing digital skills and workforce; the challenges; and innovations coming into primary care. 

The panel includes: 

  • Ellie Ferguson, PCN Manager & digital and transformation lead for Culm Valley PCN
  • Liz Leggott, Project Manager, Greener NHS Champion and NHS England Clinical EntrepreneurSouth Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub
  • Emma, Chief Operating Officer at OXDH