Webinar: Yorkshire and Humber Care Record

Presenters: Dr John Byrne (senior responsible officer) and Lee Rickles (programme director) Yorkshire and Humber Care Record (part of the NHS Local Health & Care Exemplar programme).

Friday 24th January, 10AM

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Topics covered: Sharing records

Webinar Overview

With over 18months of working within a regional exemplar of the Local Health & Care Exemplar programme, we would like to talk through how we’ve moved the programme from being seen as a “techie project delivered by techies for techies” into a programme that is about business change and transformation.

We’ve worked hard to engage with clinical and care staff from both NHS and local government, senior leaders and citizens and we can talk through the strategies we’ve implemented to achieve this.  We will also discuss how we’ve listened and involved “our customers” and how we’ve delivered successes that have met not only met the funding agreement but also driven innovation that is helping direct care, population health management and people accessing and contributing to their own health and care records.

You can find out more about the Yorkshire and Humber Care Record on Twitter @YHCareRecord or www.YHCR.org