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NHS Barnsley CCG live with Clinical Decision Support Portal

GPs in Barnsley have co-designed a clinical decision support portal called BEST (Barnsley Education and Support Time). The portal, which offers quick access to clinical information and imagery, is leading to improved effectiveness of clinical consultations.

testThe contents of the portal include diagnostic tools, prescribing guidelines, patient information sheets and investigation/referral forms. The website was designed and created by GP lead tutor Dr Sabiha Atcha and health software supplier Sitekit, with input from local prescribing teams. Hosted using Sitekit CMS, the clinical decision support portal is accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones –  allowing clinicians to access information wherever they are.

GPs have reported that the portal has significantly reduced the time that they spend on finding information at the point of care, maximising their effectiveness during consultations with patients. The portal has proven to be especially useful for locums and new GPs as it makes it quicker and easier for them to access information most relevant to the local practice.

After the successful launch of the portal in Barnsley, Sitekit has started engaging with other CCGs to share best practice. Madelon Kortenaar, marketing manager, said: “The portal is having a very real, very positive impact on the work of GPs in Barnsley; they have more time for their patients and are better aware of changes at a local level such as new guidelines or training events. The portal leads to significant efficiency gains at the local practice and can be fully customised to local requirements – it would be great to introduce the service to other areas in the UK as well.”test

Barnsley BEST can be seen on