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Yeovil Hospital connects to Dorset Care Record

Yeovil Hospital for the first time is now able to view data from the Dorset Care Record, the platform used to share key patient information across providers. The hospital typically takes 30% of emergency patients from across Dorset CCG, and now can view GP records and other datasets for these […]

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92% clinical staff say record sharing improves patient care

Ninety-two per cent of staff say the MIG from Healthcare Gateway has helped them to improve overall patient care, an independent benefit analysis conducted by NHIS direct with clinical staff using the MIG has found. GP Dr Anita Bloor, Senior Medical Advisor at out-of-hours and urgent primary care provider NEMS, said: “Access to […]

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Bedfordshire CCG introduces mobile heart monitors

Bedfordshire CCG is to introduce new mobile heart monitors with an aim to help prevent strokes. The mobile heart monitor technology helps patients take a quick ECG reading thats measures electrical activity of the heart. The device is able to identify a number of heart rate abnormalities including atrial fibrillation. […]

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Health Navigator revenues up 250%

Health Navigator, a previous DigitalHealth.London accelerator has announced a year of exceptional growth, with revenues up 250% and an increase of 30% in staff. The company now supports 7 NHS trusts and 9 CCGS, and has recently been announced as a Finalist in the HTN Awards with its partnership with Vale […]