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Jayex patient arrivals self-check-in system approved pairing with TPP SystmOne

NHS Digital has recently approved and certified the pairing of Jayex’s Enlighten E4 with TPP SystmOne appointments for full roll-out across NHS England GP practices.

testParticipating SystmOne practices will benefit by using the Enlighten arrivals platform to review or capture information such as the patient’s email & mobile, this is essential to drive adoption of on-line services.  As part of the trials where 548 patients checked-in via the Enlighten Touch Screen interface, 62 mobile phone numbers and 78 email addresses were flagged as missing or incorrect and updated by the patient using the touch screen, or were directed to reception to capture the information before successfully updating SystmOne.

Up to 11 contact or demographic fields can be reviewed or missing information captured.   Changes made by patients are notified to reception staff in real time, who can validate and file back to SystmOne with a few mouse clicks.  Other key features include over 48 languages for check-in, patient follow consent, patient on-screen messages, check-in & check-out surveys.

Jayex is currently the only provider with integration to EMIS / VISION & TPP SystmOne, on all platforms, for both patient call & self-arrivals and has further integration with the Community & Acute sector.

The integrated solution enables the practice to set “flags” to review or capture missing and incorrect data allowing the receptionist to see changes made by the patient in real time (by pushing a report to the Enlighten appointments page) where they can validate any changes and file back to the patient record in SystmOne with a few mouse clicks.