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CCG Digital Roadmap Series: NHS Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees CCG

We spoke with NHS Hartlepool and Stockton on Tees CCG and they said:

“Good progress is being made with the LDR, the CCG and providers including Local Authorities are working collaboratively.

testWe have developed a vision for the future and the LDR is the essential building block but clearly LDR’s are only part of a broader transformation agenda. The challenges we envisage are most probably less about technology and more about culture and the pace of change needed.

We are currently working on the provision of an Integrated Digital Care Record. Through the use of platform based technologies we want to make available appropriate information to health and care providers to inform decision making at the point of care. We have taken a 3 phased approach to this. This 1st phase was to implement the Medical Interoperability Gateway (MIG) in out of hours GP services to share essential GP information with the service and this is now in place. The 2nd phase is to implement the MIG sharing the same GP information in urgent and emergency care settings like A&E, mental health crisis teams and emergency provision in Social Care. We are linking the roll out of this with the North East Urgent and Emergency Care Vanguard and  this will be in place by December 16 in time for the winter period. The 3rd phase is to be able to share appropriate health and care information across all providers and to be fed from all systems. One of the benefits of this system would be to support the patient flow across broader geographies and we are linking with the Great North Care Record to implement this phase. To support the implementation of the MIG we are going to the Information Sharing Gateway (ISG) tool for the information sharing agreements. The will replace the existing paper based processes and we believe it will reduce the administrative burden on both health and care providers.”