Secondary Care

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust launches war against paper

Last week we caught up with Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to understand how they are going to become paperless and they said:

“As a trust we are supporting the paperless NHS initiative, currently this is an ongoing journey however some key changes have already been made: Our board meetings are now paperless, we have launched an internal ‘war on waste’ campaign which is a range of activities to encourage staff to reduce waste, this includes the reduction of printing unnecessarily.”

“We are also moving all of our clinical records onto electronic systems, which will make access to patient records more efficient. Our paperless meetings and ‘war on waste’ campaign are all centred around lowering costs.”

The Trust uses RiO for their electronic system for clinical records which gives Cumbria’s clinicians the ability to access information at their fingertips, enabling them to maximise health and wellbeing across the county. It also, in particular, allows for more efficient, collaborative working within Children’s Services and Mental Health Services.