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University Hospitals of Derby and Burton launches maternity electronic system

University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust has gone live with electronic system and app Badger Notes with the aim of providing users with “more access to and control” of maternity records during pregnancy.

The trust highlights how use of Badger Notes will allow patients to view their maternity records on their phone, tablet or computer before, during and after birth; track weekly development of their pregnancy; view some test results; and enter “personal diary entries” and photos related to their pregnancy. Additionally, users will be able to provide feedback and choices regarding their maternity care, and access University Hospitals of Derby and Burton’s “full library of pregnancy leaflets and recommended information”.

The trust provides frequently asked questions and answers on its website regarding use of Badger Notes, including support for patients on downloading it and registering an account; more insight into what Badger Notes can provide; and how to edit profiles or preferences. Wider support is also included, such as how to create an email address, password support and what to do if any issues are experienced with the app.

In other news from University Hospitals of Derby and Burton, HTN reported on the ‘Paper2Pixels’ events which saw staff across the trust helping to identify and streamline more than 1,000 paper-based patient records and forms for the process of digitising, ahead of the trust’s transition to a new EPR.

We previously interviewed executive chief digital information officer Will Monaghan for insight into digital work at the trust. Will shared insights into digital projects and programmes, hopes for the future and their emphasis on user-centred design: “We’re trying to give our loudest decision-making voice to the users themselves. For us, that means focusing on those basic but important disciplines, such as being really clear about user needs before we buy any technology and completing a thorough evaluation against them.”

Will also recently joined us for a panel discussion which saw digital leaders share their views on what the CIO role will look like in five to ten years; click here to catch up on the conversation.