Feature: Introducing Viper360 clinical data view platform from ReStart

Since 2008 ReStart Consulting Ltd (ReStart) has provided integration services and support to over sixty NHS organisations and has developed, deployed and maintained over 1,000 interfaces.  The team of experienced consultants has worked with most clinical and administrative systems used by the NHS (including some of the very obscure ones) and has an unrivalled reputation of providing interoperability between systems where other consultants have struggled technically.  

ReStart’s approach is completely technology agnostic. The team can integrate any system (subject to IG and data sharing agreements from source system vendors) and has excellent, established working relationships with other system vendors to the NHS.

ReStart has a reputation for both broad and deep technical excellence, and customer responsiveness.  Last year’s customer review resulted in a 97% satisfaction rate.  This customer confidence is played out in the business retention figures.  Following a hugely successful 2015/16 year the significant majority of ReStart’s support services customers have just re-signed multi-year contract renewal agreements representing approximately 100 years of customer support delivery. The 24/7 support Helpdesk is based in the company’s main office in Exeter.  It operates a bank of system monitoring screens which shows any system component outage or anomaly in real-time, enabling the ReStart support team to take mitigating action, often before the NHS organisation is even aware there is a problem.

Viper360, ReStart’s new and innovative clinical portal, builds upon this deep integration and services support capability to deliver a 2nd generation real-time healthcare information platform.  With an unlimited suite of fully customisable clinical views, Viper360 provides a true, single sign on, integrated clinical care record across acute, primary care, mental health community and local authorities giving full care team access to the same real-time patient data.

Viper360 allows users to see the most up to date information for a patient in real-time and at the point of care on desktop or mobile devices. It does this by accessing, and most importantly, not duplicating, existing data stores.  This means that clinicians not only have access to the most recent patient information, but Viper360 also reduces an organisation’s ongoing expenditure by removing the need to develop and maintain additional data repositories.

Viper360 is wholly configurable and designed to fit an organisation or health economy’s priorities, and importantly, it comes with a modest price tag.  It is built and deployed around project specific organisation and user requirements in a modular, open-technology framework.  Viper360 can be rapidly deployed to achieve in year efficiency benefits.  Organisations select the most important clinical view to commence with, and thereafter can schedule to roll out other clinical views that they wish to have developed.  

Viper360 is now installed in four NHS hospital Trusts. To read more about why these organisations selected Viper360 please read our Press Releases about Viper360

Or sign up to attend the King’s Fund event on 11,12 July where on Day Two, Breakout Session W3D you can hear prominent NHS organisations discussing Viper360.  They will be sharing their experience of working with ReStart on the development and initial phase roll outs of this powerful and step changing innovation. For more information, or to speak to the ReStart’s technical team, please contact sales@restartconsulting.com