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Wokingham CCG trials online engagement events

In a new approach, Wokingham CCG this week will run online broadcasts, with the aim of reaching a broader group of people. The CCG is encouraging people to take to social media next week to find out about plans for healthcare in the borough for the next two years.

Senior GPs and managers have recorded short films in which they describe how key challenges will be addressed and the improvements to services patients can expect to see as a result. The films will be shared via the CCG’s Twitter account, @WokinghamCCG over the course of this week.

Dr Johan Zylstra, Chair of Wokingham CCG, urged people to look out for the films on Twitter and give their feedback: “Our standard way of communicating our plans and ideas is to hold a meeting and either give a presentation or organise some group discussion about the themes we might be trying to address. Whilst it is great to have this face-to-face time with people, it is limited because it is only practical for a very small percentage of the population. We want people who can’t get to these meetings, for whatever reason, to get online instead and let us know what they think of the films and the way we’ve delivered them.”

The films are all less than four minutes and can be viewed separately or together as one longer piece. It is hoped more people will be able to access the information by making it available online in this way; there’s no need to leave home and they are available whenever you’ve got a bit of spare time.

Dr Zylstra said: “Wokingham is the first CCG in Berkshire West to trial this new approach and its popularity and effectiveness will be fully evaluated to find out whether it works for wider community. We recognise that some people may find the idea of using the internet off-putting, but we really have to try and innovate in order to reach as many people as possible.”