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Surrey to provide integrated care for over 1 million patients

Four CCGs in Surrey will start rolling-out Patients Know Best (PKB) records for integrated care for 1.03 million people across the area.

All GP practices, Hospital staff of four NHS Trusts, Community and Mental Health Services health and social care staff in four Surrey CCGs will use PKB to see a single integrated digital care record. This includes the three CCG areas: North West Surrey; Guildford and Waverley and Surrey Downs in the Surrey Heartlands STP footprint with East Surrey CCG as key partner in this deployment.  Consent for data sharing will be under patient control.

Surrey’s use of PKB also marks the very first procurement made using the new Clinical and Digital Information Systems Framework Agreement (CDIS) – launched by the NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP).

The project builds on Surrey and Sussex Hospital’s (SASH) existing use of PKB’s leading patient-controlled records system for its inflammatory bowel disease patients.

Initially, Surrey’s Health and Social Care Professionals will be using their new PKB-powered Integrated Digital Care Record (ICDR) to view integrated clinical and patient data, across multiple care settings.

The next phase of the project will allow patients to log in and see all their data using PKB’s patient portal.

Julia Ross, chief executive at North West Surrey CCG and Transformation Board Sponsor of the Digital Workstream for Surrey Heartlands said:

“This is a great leap forward for patients and health and social care professionals in Surrey. This will facilitate better integration of IT systems to provide more efficient care and improved information sharing ensuring that health and social care professionals have access to all medical records providing a holistic approach to a patient’s care.”

Steve Abbott, programme director, Surrey Heartlands Local Digital Roadmap said:

“PKB’s NHS N3 network-hosted architecture allows us to deliver quickly at low cost. It’s patient-controlled consent model joins up health and social care data. The LPP framework allowed us to look at options thoroughly and to procure for the long term integration of our region.”