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Interview Series: Thomas Manning, Head of Information & Performance, South Gloucestershire CCG

Our health tech leaders interview series continues here with our interview with Thomas Manning, Head of Information & Performance from South Gloucestershire CCG.

What technology projects are you working on at the moment?

  • Single Domain – across BNSSG – centralised access management – cloud backup of GP/CCG systems data – centralised email – ability for staff to work from anywhere within the domain – greater cyber security
  • EPaCCs – electronic palliative care coordination system across BNSSG
  • Document Sharing – making discharge summaries and care plans available in real time
  • Personal Health Record – Citizen/Patient portal enabling population to interact with health and social care providers
  • Radiography Image Sharing – enabling GP Practices to view acute provider radiography images – x-ray – CT – MRI
  • Practice Cloud Telephony – All practices in BNSSG – integrates to clinical system for faster call handling information – no misdials – improved staff performance – ability to re-route calls ie. for extended hours working/back office centralisations

What problems/challenges are they set to overcome?

The negatives of the positives above!

What is the most significant digital achievement for you in the past 12 months?

Securing funding/grants of £3m to develop and implement the above projects.

What will be the most significant of the next 12 months?

South Gloucestershire CCG will be merging with Bristol CCG and North Somerset CCG. This will need the standardisation of networked hardware and mobile working/office space rationalisation. Also the delivery of the above projects before or by March 2019.

What is your biggest technology challenge?

The biggest challenge is keeping up with technology and keeping up with the general populations use of technology as a cornerstone of their personal organisation, information gathering and output. And there are funding constraints within a highly financially challenged health community.

What is the most under-rated digital innovation in health?

NHS Choices.