Blog: the mini budget

By Lyn Whitfield, Highland Marketing’s strategy and content director Amid the Brexit turmoil, chancellor Sajid Javid delivered a mini budget with a headline £6.2 billion for the NHS. However, as this analysis from Highland Marketing explains, most of this money had been announced before, it only covers one year, and […]


Blog: Hancock, redux 

The health and social care secretary was widely expected to leave for a new job in Boris Johnson’s first cabinet reshuffle. But he’s back. Highland Marketing considers his first year in office, his possible new priorities, and where the latest round of politics leaves NHSX and the health tech agenda.  […]

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Highland Marketing looks ahead to 2019

The turmoil in UK politics makes it hard to look too far ahead, but it is long-term trends that will shape the NHS and health tech through 2019, and well thought communications that will ensure success for vendors, say Lyn Whitfield and Mark Venables. Lyn Whitfield, director of content strategy, […]