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New technology framework provides innovative patient-centred care at best value

A new framework agreement that enables health and social care providers to access cutting-edge technology to support direct patient care has been launched by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS).

The Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) framework is one of the first of its kind for the public sector and helps NHS providers and local authorities deliver round-the-clock personalised care, particularly for patients with long-term conditions and people with complex care needs.

The ready-to-use contracts, which run until 2021, are free to access for all public sector organisations, including the NHS, local authorities and emergency services. They provide a fast, cost-effective and legally-compliant way of purchasing some of the very latest advancements in patient care.

The latest framework was developed by NHS SBS in response to the increasing opportunities to use modern technology to enhance quality of life for people with chronic conditions, or those with ongoing care and support needs. It aims to help providers meet local and national objectives, such as those in the NHS Outcomes Framework and the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework.

Following a robust procurement process carried out by NHS SBS, a total of 20 suppliers were awarded a place on the TECS framework across four different lots.

This covers a range of products and services that are convenient, accessible and cost-effective, such as Electronic Assistive Technologies, which provide environmental control systems plus alternative means of computer access for people with complex disabilities or frailties in the community. The latest in alarm technologies, meanwhile, can ensure that people continue to live independently with external support.

Also included within the framework are continuous monitoring (telehealth) products and services and scheduled remote or on demand services (including telemedicine and teleconsultations). These enable the exchange of data between a patient and their clinician to assist in diagnosis and monitoring of those with long term conditions.

Peter Akid, NHS SBS Director of Procurement, said: “The Technology Enabled Care Services framework is completely new to our portfolio and shows how technology is playing a much bigger part in healthcare than ever before.

“The innovative products and services can be used by public sector organisations to help take pressure of frontline staff and support a seven day service. The new technology that is available on the framework also contributes to better integrated health and social care.

“Those organisations buying via the framework will benefit from high-quality products and services at the most competitive price. They will also have access to this new technology far more quickly, compared with purchasing directly from suppliers.”

In total, NHS SBS manages over 100 framework agreements that cover a huge range of products and services used by the NHS and wider public sector. These are available quickly through carefully negotiated contracts, which achieve economies of scale cost savings without compromising on quality.

A full list of awarded suppliers to the TECS framework is available here.