Patient lives transformed through AI tele-pharmacy app

An ‘artificially intelligent’ tele-Pharmacy App Now Patient, created by Now Healthcare Group (NHG), is revolutionising the lives of people living with some of the biggest health killers in the UK by using mobile technology to support their health care needs including medication ordering and dispatch and GP and Pharmacist consultations.

15 million people in the UK are living with long-term, chronic care conditions such as liver, lung and heart disease – many of which are citied as some of the biggest health killers in the UK and Now Patient, (approved by the NHS), was created to transform their health needs via mobile technology as more than 90% of the UK population use digital platforms to access healthcare.

Now Patient, received 10,000 downloads in three months and is aimed at NHS Chronic Care Patients, who can simply nominate Now Patient as their NHS pharmacy to get free delivery of their repeat prescriptions nationwide. The app also offers a live chat facility with pharmacists and triage service to connect worried patients to GPs, pharmacists and nurses. 

Lee Dentith, Founder and CEO of Now Healthcare Group said: “Now Patient is a game-changer in the expansive global Pharmacy space and has been created to ease the health needs of the millions of people suffering with chronic-care conditions such as liver and lung disease, asthma, diabetes and stroke and to reduce the strain on our country’s overstretched NHS services. Patients can save time and resources by receiving their medications via the AI led app and at the same time gain access to medical consultations and advice, without having to wait weeks for an appointment. AI is widely prescribed as an antidote for healthcare’s high costs and an enabler for better health outcomes and experiences and we have a team who are at the forefront of shaping those future technological outcomes and building numerous developments”.

The App is free to download and it includes smartphone-based video appointments with NHS trained GPs, medical adherence platforms to help users manage their medicine usage and repeat prescription services offering free medicine delivery.