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Imperial College Healthcare NHS deploys Tintri

Imperial College Healthcare NHS has deployed Tintri as a central piece in its virtualisation strategy.

Since deployment, the health trust has said it has seen notable benefits including increased storage performance and capacity, as well as a reduction of downtime and administration.

Imperial College said it had begun the process of virtualising its server infrastructure, but its enterprise SAN storage was not meeting performance and capacity requirements. IT staff were constantly tuning storage to maintain performance, drawing them away from higher impact projects. With close to 1,500 VMs, this represented a significant resource overhead.

The IT team at Imperial College deployed three Tintri systems. The Tintri systems supported Imperial College’s workloads across both VMware and Hyper-V, shrinking their storage footprint.

Yusuf Mangera, technical architect at Imperial College Healthcare, said: “The results have been remarkable. We haven’t had to look into any performance-related problems at all. Tintri just works to the point where people have forgotten that the appliances even exist.”

“Imperial College Healthcare NHS is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to its patients – and IT infrastructure needs to be an enabler, not a distraction,” added Mark Young, vice president of systems engineering and field CTO for EMEA at Tintri. Tintri is designed to automate processes and streamline performance, ideal for organisations such as Imperial College that have a virtualisation strategy and a need for IT that simply works.”