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Berkshire CCG wins international award for Population Profiling

A Clinical Commissioning Group in Berkshire has won an international award for helping to identify people who are risk of hospital admission and providing them with a care and support plan.

Slough Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), now formally merged with Bracknell and Ascot, Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead CCGs to form one single CCG ‘East Berkshire CCG’, scooped the 2018 Starfield Award at the Johns Hopkins ACG® System 2018 International Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

The award is in recognition for their innovative work in relation to a project “Population Profiling to Support a New Model of Clinical Delivery”.

The project used the ACG System to identify people who were at risk of hospital admission and provide them with suitable care and support. This was backed up by enhanced access to a GP to provide them with advice and treatment to keep them safe at home. The ACG System has been used extensively within the NHS since 2009 to identify patients who are most at risk of admission to hospital.

The judges felt that the CCG application was well written, applied new and innovative analytical techniques on data derived from the ACG System and identified important and enduring implications for population health management. One aspect of the application that particularly impressed the judging panel was that the results of the analytical work resulted in the creation of a new type of care programme and that it was based within primary care.

Dr. Jim O’Donnell, NHS Clinical lead for Slough locality, said: “We are delighted to see the work of the CCG being recognised internationally. We have worked hard to plan for the health needs of the population we serve using evidence about the way patients have historically used services. “

Sangeeta Saran said: “The ACG system has allowed us to support patients more proactively. This award demonstrates what we can achieve by working together.”