ZoomDoc and Lexihealth partner to offer new healthcare concierge service

ZoomDoc, the GP on demand service, and Lexihealth, the secondary care concierge service, have announced a collaboration to provide patients with an integrated primary and secondary care offering.

As a result of this collaboration, the two companies will be now be able to offer instant telephone GP consultations, home GP visits fulfilled within an hour, bespoke treatment plans and rapid specialist appointments.

ZoomDoc CEO, Dr. Kenny Livingstone commented, “These days, people want services that are both bespoke and on-demand. This collaboration reflects our commitment to offering patients instant access to the best quality healthcare. It will also provide ZoomDoc patients with an even wider range of services, no matter what their requirements are.”

“As doctors who are truly invested in offering personalised, and meaningful healthcare, we are committed to engaging with our patients on a fundamental level. After our recent crowdfunding success, and expansion into offering a corporate employee benefit service, it felt like a great time to engage with the world of bespoke personal benefits to utilise the reach and breadth of our services as a whole.”

Lexihealth CEO, Annabelle Neame added,  “Our world is changing at an astonishing rate and healthcare is no different. By bringing Lexihealth and ZoomDoc together, we can now offer everything from preventative to primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care. This, combined with Quintessentially’s leading lifestyle concierge services has resulted in the most complete healthcare journey and fastest access to the highest standards of care and recovery in one of the most advanced medical hubs in the world.”