Norfolk and Waveney opens £1.17 million opportunity for children and young people’s mental health digital offer

Norfolk and Waveney ICB is seeking expressions of interest from suppliers for the provision of a digital offer for children and young people’s mental health, with a total value over a potential three years of £1.17 million.

The ICB plans to introduce a digital offer where young people can access activities, self-help and information, get advice, guidance and talking therapies/counselling support, through a range of methods such as a website, video conferencing to instant messaging.

Aiming to provide an all inclusive offering, the service aims to offer an age appropriate platform for emotional wellbeing and mental health support, through a “safe, secure and moderated digital platform”. At a minimum, the ICB is expecting the service to offer a website where young people can access activities, self-help options, information, and support.

As far as outcomes, the ICB will be using this digital offer to ensure access to timely help and immediate access to digital support when other alternatives might not be available, helping young people and their families to feel supported, and supporting mental health problems to be detected early.

The closing date for tenders is set at 5 August 2024, 5pm. To learn more about the opportunity, please click here.

Spotlight on opportunities across the region

Norfolk and Waveney ICB also recently shared a tender with an estimated value of £1,250,000 to £1,425,000 for the procurement of a population health management digital solution, capable of offering bespoke data analysis, technical solutions and digital platforms.

An invitation to tender was also launched in July by Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust, for a digital histopathology outsourced reporting solution to help overcome the trust’s struggle with staffing levels of consultant histopathologists.